Spitcloth double pack of de luxe

At every little village on the spot

We do everything we can to ensure that our smallest family members are doing everything they need. After the feeding, a pleasant walk on Mama's shoulder is always a good thing, so that the little girl can do well and there is no stomach pain. Not infrequently, however, not only a bit of air comes out and the blouse or sweatshirt has to go into the laundry. To avoid this, we have our spittoon in a double pack for you!

So there's nothing more to it

Our high-quality and extra-absorbent spittoon cloths are the ideal companion to prevent unpleasant stains on your clothes. Just put the cloth over your shoulder, and the little girl can come. The fabric we use is completely harmless and harmless to baby's skin.

Sugary and practical!

Our spittoon cloths are available in two different colors: blue and pink. The slanting belt is delicately plaid and edged around the baby's gender. Our towels get a lot off, the more important it is that they are not only nice to look, but also can be cleaned well. That's why you can simply pack them into the washing machine and rinse them properly!


  • Each cloth: approx. 80 x 80 cm


  • 100% cotton in muslin


  • suitable for dryer
  • Washable at 60 degrees in the washing machine


  • Material in stock
  • The product is custom made for you

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