security blanket

A cuddly soft companion

During the day, your baby experiences many new situations. It is exciting, beautiful, sometimes a bit unfamiliar. With the right blanket, however, such moments can be managed much more relaxed! For the covering, wrapping or for the cuddling hour - our especially soft baby blanket made of molton is very suitable for all these purposes!

Every day cuddly

So that your smallest family member can use the cute cuddly blanket for a very long time, we have used particularly good materials. The blanket is made of 100% cotton fabric and the soft Moltonstoff will remain even after a lot of washing still delicate on baby's skin. So you do not need to worry about the cuddle factor of the blanket, even if you have to wash them after baby porridge accidents more often.

With babies name especially beautiful

You can order our soft cuddly blankets with either a pink or blue hem. Then the color selection is all right with you! Decorate the pretty blanket with the lettering of the little earth citizen and decide for your favorite color. There is enough space for up to 14 characters in writing or printing, so that you can also label with "Schlaf gut" or "Jetzt Kuscheln".


  • 80 x 80


  • 100% cotton


  • suitable for dryer
  • Washable at 60 degrees in the washing machine


  • Material in stock
  • The product is custom made for you

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