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Kids School set bottle and cans - Finlix - Bretzeitdosen, water bottles and dishes with names

With a set consisting of a personalised lunch box and a sturdy drinking bottle you have the perfect gift for the beginning of school for a little one just proudly starting his first years in school. Never get the set mixed up with other lunchboxes, this one is personalised with your child's name on it.  

The Finlix lunchbox as well as the Finlix drinking bottle are simply printed with the desired motif and your childs own name. So every product becomes a very special, personal and unique gift.

The breakfast can is divided into two compartments , so you can for keep bread and fruit separately without getting it mixed up.

Both articles comes with a particularly robust vinyl adhesive. The motifs are therefore resistant to abrasion and are very durable during normal use.

Characteristics Lunchbox:

  • BPA free
  • hygienic
  • food safe
  • tasteless
  • easy to use
  • double closure
  • Dishwasher suitable up to 40 degrees or Eco wash

Features Water bottle:

  • break and leak proof
  • hygienic
  • food safe
  • flavorless and odorless

Seamlessly pressed aluminum, the bottles are extremely light and stable.

Color: White + desired motif 
Content: 500 ml 
Material: Aluminum

* The price includes a closure. You can choose between rotary and sports locks. If you do not specify a closure, you will receive the sports closure.

Our drinking bottles are Made in Germany.

For each set there is also our matching dishes. Just ask.

I wish you lots of fun and pleasure on all Finlix items specially with kids school set.

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