Personalized School Set Bird

Your young student will be well prepared for school or kindergarten with this lunch box and flask set. Choose between the Alfi brand insulated flask which keeps drinks hot or cold, or the aluminum flask made in Germany. Both are ultra lightweight and suitable for children to use.

Our lunch boxes come with divisions so fruits and breads won't mix together. They are also flatter and thus more suitable for school backpacks.

Product Details:

Aluminum Flask
- Made in Germany
- Body: seamless aluminum
- Solvent-free coating
Alfi Insulated Flask
- Made in Germany
- Keeps Hot up to 12 Hours
- Keeps Cold up to 24 Hours
- Double-walled stainless steel body
- 100% leak-proof, even with carbonated drinks
Lunch box
- BPA Free
- Two sections
- With double closure
All Products
- Suitable for dishwashers to 40 degrees and Eco wash cycle
- Design: durable vinyl stickers, light-resistant and scratch-resistant

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Gift that benefit: When you give a personalized gift to your own child, you are helping vulnerable children in the world to thrive and flourish.

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