Personalised Luxury Linen Lavender Hearts

Simple and understated personalised lavender hearts.

A lovely collection of appliqued linen letter hearts filled with lavender from Provence.

These personalised lavender hearts make a lovely personalised gift for someone for all sorts of occasions.

Buy them for weddings, birthdays, leaving parties, anniversaries, newborns, good luck gifts, get well soon gifts, family occasions or any occasion that needs something a little more personal and special yet is easy on the purse. 

These lavender hearts are popular as small gratitude gift for a wedding or a special occasion like  Christenings. They make the most wonderful gift for a newborn. Use them on hangers in a wardrobe, on door knobs, in the nursery or the baby changing area or anywhere where you want to have the lovely aroma of Provencal lavender.

They are made by hand in Somerset, England by a highly skilled team of seamstresses.

The hearts comes in 6 different fabrics, 3 woven ginghams and 3 beautiful Irish linens.

We offer four different fonts and colors  which gives each heart a completely unique appearance. Please bear in mind that if the message is too long, it can be difficult to read the small writhing, so please bear this in mind when ordering.

made from:
The hearts are made from either woven gingham or Irish Linen, are filled with a soft stuffing with lavender included and have a natural twine loop sewn on. Your message is then printed onto a piece of unbleached calico with a border around the text.


H15 x W15 x D3 cm

Personalised Lavender Hearts

Dispatch time approx 5-7 days. 




Buy a gift with meaning: supports organizations that are struggling to end preventable death and stillbirth among newborn babies