Fairy Tale book - My adventure with the Mermaids

A fairy tale book, where our main character and friends grow fins and swim to the bottom of the sea, to free King Neptunus and all the mermaids, from the evil pirate. A personal fairytale, that makes every child's dream come true. The child is in the story and walks with his or her friends in the fantastic world of the fairy tale. This personalised hardback children´s book is from The Story Factory and will guarantied become a favorite for a long time coming. A perfect christening-, christmas or birthday gift. The story is about the adventures of the child and the childs three best friends. In the fields below please provide the following information. 1. The child's first and last name. 3. The sex of the child. 4. The town the child lives in. 5. The first name of three of the child's best friends. 6. Who the gift is from.

Since this is a personal gift, it cannot be exchanged, so please double check all the informations.

Buy a gift for a child from PetitePeople.com and give vulnerable mothers the chance to see their children grow and thrive.

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