natural home made face color for your kids

Tips to make natural home made face color for your kids

February 22, 2017

You can mix face painting and dyeing fabric made of completely natural ingredients instead of buying them expensively in a shop.

Mardi grass Sunday, the day of the year when children in beautiful costumes are seen every where, to boo or to go candy hunting in their neighborhood.
Many children wants to have colorful paint in the face when they have to imitate Hulk, a butterfly or a dangerous witch.
- Instead of visiting various stores and buy face paint with questionable ingredients,  you can make your own at home. Then you know exactly what you put on your face to your children. The homemade color can also be used to dye clothes.

It is more environmentally friendly to color a white t-shirt green with homemade color, rather than buy one.
Always be on the safe side
- It is important to be extra careful if your child has some kind of allergies, especially if you are doing face painting
A good advice is to make a simple allergy test by applying a bit of color - for example, the back of the hand - and let it sit. Then just keep an eye on whether there will be a rash on site.
It is a good idea to be a little careful with beetroot color as it can be difficult to remove.

1. Three simple steps homemade color

Instead of throwing onion peel, boring spinach leaves, the outer layer of red cabbage or orange peels out, you can use it to create beautiful colors for Mardi Gras - or any other occasion.
- You will need about a cup of each, and then just boil it with twice as much water for an hour. When the potion has cooled, you can sieve mixture to remove the peels, - and voila you have s wonderful homemade color.
Details, black and gray colors can also easily be made with a cork screw burned and blackened on one end.
If you want to dye your clothes so that's a good rule to remember that you must use a quarter natural color mixed with three-quarters water. Remember to '' fix '' color by soaking the clothes in vinegar water before you wash it in the machine.

2. Homemade face paint in no time

The homemade face paint can be made quickly by mixing a few ingredients. All you need is corn starch, face cream, oil, homemade color and small holders to store the color in.
- First make a base of corn starch and face cream. Make sure to mix it up a little at a time and stir well to avoid lumps. Then add just a little oil to the mix - just enough that it becomes liquid. Finally, you add color. Take some of the base of your color. Now you can add quite a bit - keep an eye on how well the color is mixed up. If you need it, you can always mix a little of your base in order to get a better texture and lighter color.
Typically, the color is lighter than the color you buy. The color can be stored in the fridge, as long as it smells fresh and it is certainly a good idea to make a new portion of the following year.

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