festival of Ostara

Three good ways of celebrating the ancient festival of Ostara

March 22, 2017

Ostara, is a festival that celebrates the changes of the season, from the darkness of winter to the light and brigthness of spring. The days are getting longer, and the daylight is winning over the dark nights. It is sometimes know as the pagan Easter, one of 8 holidays that together makes the wheel of the year. It has been celebrated for thousands of years, and many other religions around the world celebrate a spring festival at this time of year, just like the Holi festival of the Hindu´s, the Purim festival of the Jewish, the Sikh who celebrate Mohalla and the Christians who celebrate Easter.

Ostara or Eostra, was a beautiful Anglo Saxon goddess, and she was the symbol of the new dawn. As a spring goddess she looked after the budding plants and growing fertility of the earth. Symbols of fertility and new life were important elements in the Ostara Celebration.


Eggs are painted, and symbols of fertility like eggs, rabbits, lambs, flowers and seeds are included in the celebrations. It was considered an important event to mark the end of winter and the new beginning of spring. It is a time of rebirth, welcoming new life into the world and to give new hope No matter which faith you believe in it is still a lovely tradition to mark the changing of the seasons and the new opportunities that springs to life, and the upcoming light.

Say farewell to winter and kiss the new life welcome

Ostara is about welcoming spring and kissing winter goodbye. Remember all the good moments you have spend this winter with your friends and your loved ones, and thank them for it. For the snowmen that you build, for the sledge rides with your kids, and you for all the long evenings in front of a warm fire.
Say welcome to the longer days, the new light, the brighter mornings, and all the new life that is budding around you. Put your winter blankets away, pack the gloves and hats into the storage, and prepare yourself and your home for the awakening and the rebirth of nature. Pick flowers, bring in daffodils and snowdrops, hyacinths and primroses into your house, and to the pots around the garden. Welcome guests with spring flowers at the front door. The flowers will bring wonder and wellness to you, the scent will breathe new life to your home and inspire you for new projects, they will cheer you up, and hearten up love and friendship. Whichever flower you like, enjoy the scent in every breath, and remind yourself of what you would like to attract for yourself and for your family this spring.


Connect with Nature

For centuries, one of the most important parts of celebrating Ostara was enjoying nature and celebrate the new life that is budding everywhere. Go for a walk in your local neighbourhood, and look at the new flowers and the budding leaves on the trees. Bid them welcome, along with the birds and the little bees. Welcome them with gratitude, as a sign of new life and new growth. Sew some seeds in a little pot, or in a plot in your garden, or plant some seedlings with your children, grow them in a pot in the windowsill and watch them grow into wonderful green plants in no time. They are a sign of new life, so think of what growth and which new ideas you want to create and bring into fruition.

Make a feast!

Just like with all celebration, a good meal together with friends and family is a must. Cook up a big meal, with lot of fruits and vegetables, and invite your friends, family over, and also people that you miss, and have not met with for a long time. Enjoy a good dinner and have a laugh together, and set the good mood for the rest of spring.

Symbols of Ostara

Just like the symbols of Easter, includes eggs, rabbits, flowers and seeds. What symbols and rituals of spring are important to you?
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