The secrets of your birth month

The secrets of your birth month

September 21, 2017

The secrets of your birth month

A lot of people believe that the characteristics of a person are attributed to their month of birth. For this reason, people are always eager to know what their star sign has to say about their personality and future. But did you know that there is so much more to your birth month? The truth is that every month has a special gemstone, a special flower and even special names. So if you are interested in knowing the unique characteristics of your own birth month or the birth month of your little ones, then you have come to the right place.


January’s babies are strong willed and determined. They are practical and always sure of their next step and these characteristics fit right well into the Capricorn and Aquarius signs. Their flower is the carnation which has a spicy distinctive smell. Carnations come in different colors and each color has a symbol of its own. Their gemstone is the garnet which symbolizes eternal friendship and trust. The best names are Nova, Dagny and Jeevan.


February is the month of love and its babies belong either to the Aquarius or the Pisces sign. They are modest, faithful and kind. Their flower is the lilac, violet or primrose. This flower symbolizes faithfulness and loyalty and when given to someone shows that you can’t live without them. Their gemstone is the amethyst which is related to royalty and courage. The best names are Morna and Carwyn.


The sun signs of this moth are either the Pisces or Aries. The babies of this month are calm, lovable and cheerful. The flower of March is the daffodil. It symbolizes honesty, love and trust. It also means devotion and sympathy, 2 characters that are highly related to the babies of this month. The gemstone of March is the Aquamarine which is believed to bring serenity to the person who wears it. The best names are Cleona and Lorcan.


The star signs of April are the Aries and the Taurus. The babies born in April are lucky and energetic. They are as unique and precious just like their gemstone, the diamond. Their flower is the sweet pea or daisy which symbolizes innocence and purity. The best names are Bryony and Tivon.


The babies born in May belong to the Taurus or Gemini star signs. They are associated with the rebirth of the spring and this makes them lucky and cheerful. They are smart, witty and sweet. They love family and nature. The gemstone of May is the emerald that brings good luck, fortune, youth and success to the wearer and the flower of May is the lily of the valley which symbolizes purity and sweetness. The best names are Victoria, Keilani and Elroy.


June babies have some characters of the warm month and are born to the Gemini or Cancer sun signs. They are warm, devoted and loving. The gemstone of June is the pearl which is related to warmth and devotion. The flower of June is the honeysuckle which symbolizes the warmth of love and true affection. The best names are Zeila, Sacha and Nikko.


The Cancer and Leo are the 2 signs of July. Babies of July have pure hearts and a fiery determination, making them the best leaders. July has 2 flowers the larkspur and the water lily. The larkspur symbolizes the fiery nature of the babies born in July with their love to life and friends. While water lilies are all about the kindness of the heart. The gemstone is the Ruby which is related to the fiery and kind nature of the month. The best names are Adiba, Norris and Roden.


Babies born in August belong to the Leo or Virgo sign. They are generous and sincere. Their characteristics are rather emphasized by the month’s gemstone the peridot which forms inside volcanoes and is believed to have healing powers. The flower is the poppy which is related to pleasure. The best names are Alania and Destan.


The Virgo and the Libra are the 2 star signs related to September. The babies born in September are known for their beauty and wisdom. The gemstone of September is the sapphire, which is divine and royal. The flower of the month is the morning glory which is a symbol of kind affection. The best names are Idalis and Kazi.


The star signs of October are the Libra and the Scorpio. October babies are modest, beautiful and emotional. Their gemstone is the opal which is multihued just like their moods. Their flower is the marigold which symbolizes eternal love. The best names are Khyati and Hopkin.


The babies born in November belong to the star signs of the Scorpio and the Sagittarius. They are cheerful and they make wonderful friends and companions. Their gemstone is the topaz which is intense and symbolizes strength. Their flower is the chrysanthemum which symbolizes wealth and cheerfulness. The best names are Halia and Ayanti.


The star signs of December are the Sagittarius or the Capricorn. They are characterized by being happy, care free and they always wish the best for others. The gemstone of December is turquoise which symbolizes good decisions and wisdom while their flower is Narcissus which symbolizes family happiness. The best names are Mercer and Dhanvi.

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