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October 19, 2017

A personalised gift, can bring a unique and a treasured memory to the receiver, a little new baby, cherished by the whole family Without any doubt, the birth of a baby is one of the biggest blessings a family can receive. It doesn’t matter if it was planned or not, when a baby arrives to the world, he or she brings joy to everyone around.

We all want to bring gifts to the little new one, but what if these gifts also could help other families around the world, who have the same wishes for their child as we have for ours?

From the moment a couple finds out their expecting a baby, there are many emotions that seize them, and the preparations and plans do not wait. They start to think about the sex of the baby, the name they are going to choose, they begin to do their math just to know when the baby will come to this world, if they want a natural birth or a C section, or f they prefer to let the baby decide how he or she wants to come to this world.

And they also start shopping and receiving gifts for the new baby boy or the little newborn baby girl. They start looking for the ideal little crib, they wonder about the bedroom decorations, the little blankets, towels, and off course, the little clothes, the part that seems to be the most adorable. Many couples or families try to have all kinds of details to make this moment and the baby’s life unique and beautiful, seeking for unique presents that have the ability of putting a smile into the parents faces, and their baby too. 

And is just that, as much as special as it is the arrival of a baby to this world, there are many ways to make it even more special. For example, with personalized gifts for babies. And What is this all about? Well its simple, all kinds of accessories for babies that can be personalized according to what parents like or want for their baby.

From blankets to teddy bears, towels, little bibs, bed time stories, and lots of stuff more, the present can be personalized to give a really special and unique gift, that it’s going to be in that family’s life for many years. And that is what we do here in Petite People, we personalized all kinds of details for babies, that not only are beautiful, but also exclusive, practical and with excellent quality, because that is what we are all about.

Besides, all of our personalized baby gifts are made with the greatest handpicked materials, without any chemicals or artificial colors, so we can make sure babies will not be exposed to any harm or danger, and also that we are taking care of our environment. 

But this isn’t the tip of the iceberg. The best of all is that all of or personalized baby gifts hace the job to not just bring joy to a family and have a special memory for many years, but also to give the gift of life to another family around the world that is forced to face a tremendously sad reality. Our personalized gifts are baby gifts that give back.

Did you know that according to facts offer by the organization “Save the Children” 2.7 million newborn babies die every year around the world? And not just that, 2.6 million babies are stillborn, and around 300 thousand women die during their pregnancy or labor. Especially in some countries of Africa and the South of Asia.

This happens because in these countries, women don’t have access to proper care during their pregnancy and/or child birth, and when they do have it, they have to walk for miles to be able to access to any kind of attention.  The health care centers do not count with the sanitary conditions needed, in most cases don’t even have materials or supplies to assist a birth process, so these women are forced to find it on their own, and most of them don’t have the economical conditions to do it.

On top of that, lack of education is also a big issue in this matter. Hospitals do not have enough qualified personal that can be able to attend a birth, there are just a few obstetricians (or none) and not even midwives.

And if we think about it, for every pregnant women and specially on their third trimester, lots of the activities she used to do on a daily basis are now difficult to do, because of the back pains, the weight, the swelling and all of the typical symptoms of a pregnancy in this stage. Lots of them reduce their physical activity, and most of them have families that support them, and proper health cares. They go to their monthly visit to the doctor, and have access to supplements and medicines if they need it.

But there are many women around the world that do not have this luck. Put yourself in their place for a moment, can you imagine being pregnant and having to walk 8 miles to be able to get to your facility center and be attended? What if when you get there, they tell you they don’t have the equipment to make an ultrasound? Or even worst, that there are no obstetricians or midwives, and not even water, soup or alcohol to have all the materials sterilized.

What if while you are in your labor process, the hospital runs out of electricity? How would you feel if after being in labor for hours and having a few complications, you are able to give birth just to find out your baby is not alive? Or if after holding him or her in your arms, he or she dies because of a lack of proper medical care? It sounds scary doesn’t it? Well, this is the sad reality many women have to face every day, and that sometimes we have been to blinded to see.

Many mothers don’t have access to counseling or advice on how to care for babies health, they don´t have access to vaccines or clean water. They have no knowledge about the benefits of breastfeeding, and why it is important to breastfeed exclusively for at least the first 6 months of the baby’s life.

Also, there is a nutrition issue as well. Most of this mothers don’t have healthy eating habits, not because they don’t want to, but because they can’t afford to do so. And, if a pregnant woman is not eating well, her child will not be nurturing as well. This causes that this babies are born with low birth weight, which is one of the most common causes of infant mortality in the very first days after the birth.  

And we are not even mentioning yet anything about the breastfeeding process. It is almost obvious that a woman that is breastfeeding needs to eat well, not just for her, but for her baby too. Breastfeeding is a process that makes a woman spend more calories than before she was pregnant, so she also needs to eat more, not excessively, but more. So, if a woman is not eating enough, she will not be producing enough milk either, or the one that she is going to produce will not be as nurturing as if she were having a proper diet.

And this is extremely important because there are so many benefits from breastfeeding, specially who are born with low birth weight, or in critical conditions due to lack of sanitary conditions as well. Breast milk is not just food for a newborn or a baby, but it is also love, care, affection, and it helps prevent many diseases.

By breastfeeding a mother can give to her child all of the nutrients and antibodies that the baby needs in his or her first months of life, so is extremely important that specially this babies in this countries, can have it. Besides, breastfeeding promotes skin to skin contact, which is really beneficial for the development of a baby, and even more if it is a premature baby or if he or she was born with low birth weight, because it helps to regulate the baby’s body temperature. So yes, every kid and every mother should be able to breastfeed.

According to some facts of the org “Every mother counts” somewhere around 800 women die every day during birth, the reason being not counting with good medical assistance, this means, 1 women dies every 2 minutes. And, however, most of this deaths, around 98% are preventable.

So, imagine how many deaths of mothers and children can be prevented, if only these women have access to qualified personal, facility centers with proper sanitary conditions, medicines, vaccines, and if they are educated about pregnancy and birth. And is just that most of this deaths, it is estimated that around 80%, occur because of completely preventable conditions such as prematurity, infections and complications during labor or birth.

Fortunately, many organizations around the world are doing a tremendous job, focusing on what matters for women and newborns , but we need the support of many more. From the year 1990 to this day, the deaths of newborns have been reduced 47%, however, even though it is progress, it took more than 25 years to be able to get to this percentage, so progress has been really slow.

This is why here in Petite People we not only make personalized gifts for babies, but we also make personalized baby gifts that give back. This is because for every personalized baby gift we purchase, we contribute with different organizations and programs of maternal and baby healthcare, that we work with.

Besides this, our baby gifts that give back also provide women and health centers in some villages with a health and training kit, providing as well a safe and sanitary environment for the mother and the bay, and the proper care and attention they need during their pregnancy.

No mother or child should have to face this sad reality, and however millions of women and children around the world have to do it. This is why we feel it is our job to take actions and be part of a bigger movement, to continue preventing thing like this keep happening.

This is why our personalized gift for babies not only are a special gift for parents, kids and families, but also they fulfill the task of giving life to a mother and a child in a community that needs it. So, while a family is enjoying a beautiful present, unique as no other, another family around the world will be enjoying the greatest gift anyone could have, the gift of life and the hope that their little one will survive and thrive. 


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