Raise a child from the heart

Parenting tips: Raise a child from the heart

April 26, 2017

Raise your child from the heart

Have you ever searched for parenting tips in the parenting section of a bookshop? Did you even know that there was a parenting section?

It seems there are more books than full of tips on parenting, telling us how we should raise our children. What has happened to our instincts? For centuries people have been raising children – without books of course and while I’m sure there are many, many valid suggestions and theories out there which have been incredibly helpful to many people:- I feel their existence does us all a disservice.

The world in which we live may have developed beyond recognition but the basic principles remain the same.

It really is time to empower parents, especially mothers by allowing them to trust their instincts, to have confidence in their capacity to love and nurture and even have confidence that their bodies were designed for this purpose.

It is as though we have lost sight of what is important – to listen. Listen to our bodies, listen to our instincts and listen to our children. Babies especially are incredibly communicative and it seems there are a fair few modern parenting prescriptions which state otherwise. They suggest that we should even ignore our babies’ communications in favour of instilling an unnatural routine in their lives which suits our own needs.

Of course the advancements in our world have brought us many benefits; safe healthcare and access to medicines so it’s not to say that all progress is negative. Perhaps though it is time we found a more pleasing balance between our modern knowledge and our age-old intuition.

Watch this wonderful heartwarming video of a dad who takes listening to his baby serious. I bet you can´t stop smiling.


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