Living with kids

Living with kids

March 30, 2017

Living with kids

When children and adults live together, the adults will discover that the home turns into more and more becoming the children´s home.

Have you tried to count how many toys that are spread around the living room?
And have you noticed how many places you have made safe or easier accessible for your child. The most important in living together is “ together”! Your home should give you the possibility to play, world, eat sleep in a way hat gives room enough for the whole family. Practical tasks such as cooking, cleaning and tidying up should be easy and simple to get done, so you have more time for playing reading and boom together with each other.

Children need time and room. Time to play learn and develop, and also simply time to be - alone, with family or with friends. The best you can do fo your child is to be there when she needs you The more your are on top of all the practical things that needs doing, the easier it will be to spend more time and energy to play with, talk to or comfort your child when she needs you the most.

Furnish your home for the needs of your child

As long as babies are little, they don´t need their own home. They want to be where the parents are, in the livingroom, the kitchen, bedroom or in the garden. They don´t have activities for separate rooms, just as grown ups do. A child can easily draw at the kitchen table, sleep in the livingroom, read a book on the floor, or make a den under the blanket in the bedroom.

It means that there needs to be room for children and their activities. And also that furniture and toys are easy to handle for the children. It is a good ide to make different spaces for your child's toys around the home. This means that you can quickly put the toys away in the same room where your little one left it lying on the floor, because there suddenly was something much more interesting.

Use a cupboard or decorative storage tubs to keep the toys or the children's books away in the living room. Put up shelves so your child can easily reach them. And why not use a low kitchen shelf to keep books and pencils.

Is there a low hanging coat rack in the hallway where you child can hang the little coat and jackets on?

As long as your child is little, home is a big part of your baby's world, a base where you can be together and develop within the family. The has to be room to play to read, to learn to cook together, to have friends on a visit and much more.

To play is a necessity for all children. Play is the easiest and most effective way to learn. therefore it si so important that the adults give our children the best opportunities to play. Even if your child is the youngest in the family, he or she often needs more space than everyone else. The easiest way to give your child room to play is to make use of the different areas in your home for different purposes. A room with furniture that can easily be moved or stacked away can be used for many purposes. Bean bags are a great way to have furniture that are easily tucked away, and they can be used for many purposes, to make a den, to rest on to read on etc.

It must be easy

The more storage space you have, the easier it is to keep order. give everything it´s own place. Put things away that you rarely use. Mobile phones, keys and purses are easier to find if you always keep them the same place. If you put stickers on with names or symbols on drawers and storage tubs, it is easy - even for little ones to find, just exactly what is needed, and put it away again after use. It is so good for your child's self esteem to give her the possibility of doing many things without help from grown ups. It also makes your daily life less stressful. if you got room for it, leave a little cupboard open, so you can easy throw things in there if you have unexpected visitors.

Give a hug

The best thing in the whole world is to get a hug from someone you love. The more often you show your child how much you love her, the more safe she will feel, and she will be brave enough to test the limits for what is possible, both inside and outside of the home. It is nice to give a hug before you leave for daycare school or work in the morning, and you can look forward to reuniting again later in the day. For at little toddler, a cuddle cloth and a comforter can be very useful to feel safe, and to bring something from the home with him into daycare. In the evening it is important to talk about the experiences of the day, and when you are ready for bed, to read a goodnight story for your baby. A personalised story book where your child is in the story is always a favorite. If it is dark you baby needs a little more safety, and perhaps a nightlight is a good idea, so your baby feels safe during the night.

Bring nature home

Outdoor play can give your child excellent opportunities to use all her senses and train her body. Woods, beach, park and garden offers new surprises and adventure all year round.

And if you don´t have the possibility of being much outside, you can always bring a bit of nature home. You can collect and dry seed and sow them in a small pot in the windowsill, or you can make small decorations made of stones and wood.

The most important time is just now!

Life is full of different actives. Man of them can you do together. To cook, to play, go for long walks and much more. But once in a while you can also jus relax and enjoy each others company in the sofa, to talk or to simply be together.

When you do many daily things together then you become much closer to each other. Put an apron on, and cooking, cleaning or even the dish wash can be a fun thing to do. Your child will feel important and needed. The most important time is just now, and the best place to be is right here.

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