FEEDING YOUR TODDLER – A Challenge it could be!

January 18, 2017

Feeding your toddler is a challenge no doubt, but if you could overcome it with some simple habits and tasks that you cultivate when meal time comes around, may be this arduous chore could be “mealtime fun-time”.
Like everything that your toddler does during his waking times include eating also part of all his or her activities and build the tempo just before mealtime by talking about food and have a precise time for meals.

Serving food to the table

Make setting the table a fun exercise and let him or her take some spoons, serviettes, napkins or other unbreakable items to the table, with you accompanying him or her, the short distance from the kitchen to the dining table.
Along with it let him or her take the baby drinking bottle that they use and also the baby breakfast set or the baby plate he or she eats their meals on and the personalized baby bib available at, www..petitepeople.com
Make it interesting for him or her and try to keep spirits up and give him or her, the impression that it is an important chore that he or she is helping you with.
He or she should look forward to his or her responsibility when meal time comes around of attending to the chores he or she is helping you with.

Sitting at the table

Meal times at home should have the right hierarchy sitting at the table and he or she should be given a seat next to you and make the place permanent for him or her and attach relevance to his or her position at the table, along with the others around.
Talk about it every day when the meals are being served and attach importance to the seating arrangements and let him or her know that you have allocated an important seat for him or her at the table and behavior should be as impeccable the others.
You will not achieve what you are trying to do in a day or two, but patience through the program should bring your toddler in line eventually.
Talk to them about it and make him or her an important member at the table with a place always reserved and kept ready.

Use an appropriate seat

Use an appropriate seat for him or her at the table. A toddler should have either a clip on table seat or a baby high chair that would restrict movement give him or her, the importance attached to his or her place at the table.

Relate all food on the table

It is relevant that you relate all the food at the table, for example eat the same vegetables and prepare your meals to relate to his or her’s.
When they see you are eating the same food it would give encouragement hence others at the table eating something entirely different would let him or her wonder, why they are not getting what the others are partaking of at the dining table.

Make it personal

A name on the plate, or a personalised bib with your childs own name embroidered on, makes your little one feel extra special. Check out our many personalised bibs here : 



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