Christmas planning

Christmas planning

November 11, 2017

It is time for Christmas planning, even if it is still a while before Christmas, and it is quite early. We all know that even there isn´t just the Christmas spirit in the air, Christmas is coming sooner that we think, and the Christmas planning can be hectic, but if you are prepared in good time, it will be quite enjoyable to find just the right gifts for your loved ones. It is time to make some preparations for the big day. The earlier you are at it, you can enjoy the Christmas month without the panic of finding gifts in the last minute before. 

At PetitePeople we want to help you make this years Christmas planning a little less stressful for you, so we have made  a special Christmas list to give you some inspiration. Here is a few suggestions that you can think about before you get  we have put together a list of things to start thinking about before the hectic time sets in.


Planning that perfect gift that will bring a smile to their face, a wow feeling, something that they will treasure, is a tough decision and it takes a lot of time to find the right one. We have a wonderful selection soft toys and wooden toys, many of them handmade and of high quality, something that will last for years and become a special memory of Christmas. Your little one will love finding one of those under the tree this year. Will your little one adore a personalized name train, or perhaps our special moon balancer, that will inspire to many hours of creative play Or perhaps one of our great animal character beanbag, would be useful in the children´s room, and playing with the animals will surely take your kid to the land of make believe.  For the younger member of the family, perhaps the sweetest little Teddy bears, one that will be a best friend for your tiny tot for many years to come. If your little one will receive more than one gift, perhaps you consider one of our brilliant Christmas sacks with Rudolf the reindeer´s special delivery for your tot. Every gift at PetitePeople will be with PERSONALISED, and customized for the lucky recipient, so there is nothing more to think of, this can be the gift of the year. 


Whether you are invited to a Christmas party at the day care or kindergarten, or if you are having a family gathering at home, we have a great selection of the cutest Christmas wear for your little one. How about a Christmas body stocking with liberty prints and a tutu skirt for the little lady? Or our reindeer t-shirt for the little boy? We have the most adorable sleepsuit with silver print, all personalized. For the little baker we have a special apron, with a cookie man and the bakers own name on.  The outfits are ideal for when you need that family photo and it is guaranteed to put a smile on peoples face this Christmas.



Most families have a special tradition of having a new decoration for every Christmas, and this years Christmas tree can have a special personalized Christmas decoration. We have many beautiful bone china baubles that are perfect for remembering your baby´s first Christmas or perhaps the beautiful Red star glass decoration. Perhaps you need something special for the Christmas table, so how about our adorable Christmas plate complete with images of a snowman, Christmas chu chu train and sweets and presents galore? This is surely to be a favorite for any little one.   As always all of our beautiful gifts can be personalised with your baby´s name on or perhaps a special message for the one you love.



If your little one feels that the days are long before the big day, why not read them a personalized Christmas story, where your child and his friends or siblings star as the characters in the book. Or how about baking cookies with our spotty chefs apron on, so their clothes don´t get too messy. Afterward you can enjoy a hot bath and cuddle up on the sofa, in one of our cozy fleece robes, snuggle time with family in a warm dressing gown is perfect for a lazy day at home..

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