7 Amazing Ideas to Find the Perfect Christmas Gift for the Tiny Tot!

7 Amazing Ideas to Find the Perfect Christmas Gift for the Tiny Tot!

October 29, 2017

Christmas is the time to give full-throated expression to your love, be it for your better-half or the tiny piece of your heart - your baby! Though it is practically impossible for children below 5 years to retain Christmas memories; still, as per the law of love, one ought to shower the baby with Christmas gifts. These need to be exclusive and at the same time, helpful for the baby.

Wondering what you can get for your little darling? Well, here are a few ideas of gift for babies. Read them thoroughly and decide how you wish to pamper your baby!

  1. Christmas pajamas!

While you and all others are gearing up to be dressed in red and green, why not dress your baby as well? Personalized Christmas pajamas are available online for three to 18-month-old babies. You can simply mention the baby’s name while ordering and get these 100% cotton made cute red pajamas delivered at your door step!

Need some help in finding out a store for personalized Christmas gifts for babies? Check the following link-


  1.  Christmas sack

Is your darling little one looking forward to Santa´s arrival? Why not make it extra special with her first personalised christmas sack?

Give her more than just a simple gift this Christmas with a amazing personalised sack, that you can make complete with your little one’s name on.

Gift your little girl with her very first personalised Christmas sack, and watch her happy expression when she receives this special present. Also, it is a gift that would stay with her for long, as a keepsake for the rest of her childhood, remembering that very first Christmas.


  1. Cute caps!

Christmas seems incomplete without caps! So, this year, find a cute personalized cap for your newborn! You can even add a message while you place the order; it would be printed on the front rim of the cap. These come in a range of attractive colours like red, pink, aqua blue, yellow, lime, white, etc.

If you liked the idea, your easiest option might be this one:


  1. Christmas shoes!

Imagine, what a sight it would be to see your tiny tot walking around in fancy Christmas shoes! If bought from good shops, these shoes also provide great grip. So, no fear of the new walking champ slipping and toppling on the floor.

Also, the baby boy or girl will enjoy walking more when they have their feet inside such fancy shoes!

  1. Baubles for the baby’s room!

Still in search of the perfect Christmas gifts for your tiny tot? You could get Christmas themed baubles for your baby’s room as well! The birth of Jesus is synonymous with nice decorations, so your baby too might feel happy to see the room adorned. Have whatever you want printed or painted on these small pearl glass baubles.

P.S. – Instead of getting one for the baby’s room only, you can order them in various sizes and prints for all the rooms while shopping Christmas décor items!

You might like the personalized baubles here-



  1. A personalized backpack-

Around the age of 3, children get started in kindergarten. So, they need their own backpack to carry stuff. This Christmas, why don’t you equip your little one for the new session with a nice, personalized backpack? These are lightweight and have adjustable straps.

Try out these and see how you can inspire your child´s imagination with these lovely embroidered backpacks, full of stories and colours, made especially for your darling lady or handsome lad!



  1. Bedtime music

Putting babies to sleep is quite a task. Thus, a soothing melody player can be a very useful Christmas gift for babies. You can order for customization with bedtime melodies you want to play for your little bundle of joy. Hang them anywhere near the bed or crib and put the little one to sleep, smoothly!

Need references? Check out these lovely musical stars.



Did you like these ideas or do you want more? Well, there’s again a solution to the latter. You can visit unusualgifts.in and stock up more gifting ideas for your infant boy or girl, toddler or older children!

Now, there’s no dearth of Christmas gifts for the tiniest family member! You have the best ideas in stock to shower the little one with love, joy and care. Go ahead and start your shopping today!



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