15 Ideas for Designing Your Baby's Nursery

15 Ideas for Designing Your Baby's Nursery

January 16, 2017

You are soon to be parents and you are excited about it. You basically have everything that you need for your labor, the baby’s needs, and your budget for the hospital fees. Well, sure, these things are important, but did you think about the room of your baby? Well, if you are thinking about designing your baby’s nursery room, here are some of the best ideas for you:

Choose the major pieces

You have to choose the furniture pieces prior to starting the decorating process. Most of the time, parents choose the colors first, but it would be way cheaper to match paints, wallpaper and fabrics to your furniture pieces, for a more pleasing aesthetics.

Add some wallpapers

You could give the nursery room a ton of texture and dimension by simply adding up some wallpaper to the picture rail. For some fresh feel, use two different kinds of wallpaper that will still complement each other in the scale. In case you don’t have any sort of chair rail in the room, you could add one.

Get some comfy chair

As a parent, you will be spending a ton of time in this chair. Thus, you need to make sure that you hunt around for a chair that is comfortable for you and stylish enough to complement the entirety of the décor. You should test them out prior to purchasing. You want it to correctly conform to your body for maximum comfort.

Use a changing table and get some drawers

You can create a unique changing space by adding some sort of changing pad to the top of your classic dresser. You could surely save a lot of money in the long run for this.
Always consider some vintage look.

If you’re looking for an eclectic flair to the nursery, you have to find a crib that will surely reflect the vintage style. This doesn’t really mean that you’ll hunt the flea markets for a real antique. You can always go for the newly constructed cribs with the vintage feel and appearance in it. They will be far more kid-friendly and safe for them.

Dark paints for the walls

If you want to make a warm and cozy atmosphere for your baby, you should start painting the walls some sort of warm and dark colors. This look actually works best in rooms with the adequate sunlight, as it will feel somewhat stuffy otherwise.
Whimsical artworks are best accessories.

Keep in mind, it is your kid’s room, so make sure that you give it some fun. Keep it lighthearted with fun and playful artworks now.

Built-in shelving works

If the room of your baby looks empty and the walls are somehow boring, it’s time for you to get some sort of built-in shelving. Keep in mind, babies should come with lots and lots of gears, and as a parent, you want to make sure that these are well-organized, so you can find anything as soon as you need them. Built-in shelving can greatly help you out.

Get some storage

You should look around the room and see where you could sneak in some sort of a storage space. Adding baskets to a shelf above your window or installing some shelving on the wall can add some pizzazz and of course, storage for your baby’s stuff like cloth diapers, changing mats, teddy bears, toiletry bags and many more.

Mini-wardrobe is also a need

Mini wardrobe looks so adorable and they can be functional as well. It is another type of storage that you can add when you’re designing the nursery.

Mirrors can do wonders

If you have a small nursery room, adding mirrors to the space will surely make it look larger. Whenever the closet doesn’t work, hang a mirror somewhere on the wall. This work wonders!

Choose some vibrant colors
You need to introduce your baby into an exciting world by choosing vibrant colors. You can paint some furniture by using bold colors. It will surely give the room some sort of lively aesthetics.

Rounded cribs are also cool

Oval cribs take lesser room than those of the rectangular ones. So, if you have a small space in the nursery, rounded crib will work for it.

Colorful and graphic rugs are playful

These types of rugs will hide the inevitable stains. Babies are messy, so make sure that your rug are colorful enough that it could hide the mess!

If you can, add a couch

You might have to spend some restless nights and days taking care of your baby in the nursery, so you need some comfortable seat and a couch is the best option for that!

Nursery is important for your baby, most especially if he or she is growing up. It is his/her little own space, so make sure that it’s something that will give them comfort and security that they need. Adorable Tots


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