things to remember after your baby is born

Top 5 things to remember after your baby is born

March 11, 2016

So you’ve made it through 40 weeks or so of pregnancy and you’ve brought a baby into the world – well done wonderful woman! That’s no easy ride so give yourself a mental high five every now and again.

Once you bring your newborn baby home (unless you had a home birth and you’re already home) you will enter a whirlwind. Whether it’s your first baby or your fifth, every new child turns your life upside down.

So there are a few things you need to remember along the way:

  1. Your baby is new. He or she has no idea how he is “supposed” to behave or when he is “supposed” to sleep, provided your baby is healthy he will sleep eventually so try not to get caught up with timetables and enjoy the ride.
  2. Even if you have had other children this baby is a completely new person with their own likes and dislikes so don’t be worried if they are entirely different from your other children. Try not to compare your baby to your other children or anyone else’s for that matter, don’t allow yourself to succumb to the competition and do what’s right for you and your baby.
  3. Healthy mum = healthy baby. You need to eat and you need to sleep. The old saying of “sleep when the baby sleeps” is essential in the first weeks. Try to take care of yourself as you’re the most important person to your newborn.
  4. Everything is a phase – even the good stuff! This statement is neither negative nor positive but it is true! If you find yourself worrying about sleep patterns or feeding habits then calmly repeat this mantra. A growth spurt will pass, the colic will subside, the fact that your baby sleeps for 3 hours in a row will stop. Babies grow and develop so rapidly that before you’ve had chance to bemoan or welcome a certain “habit” it will have passed.
  5. The housework can wait! We are incredible and we can achieve so much but we cannot achieve absolutely everything without something starting to suffer so do not spend one second feeling guilty about that pile of dishes. You have a healthy and content baby and you’ve made it through another day – time for another mental high five mama!

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