Co-sleeping with your baby

Co-sleeping with your baby

May 01, 2016

Co-Sleeping With Your Baby--- Why It Is Good For You And Your Baby.

Sharing a bed with your baby is known to have a number of advantages. There are several misconceptions that surround the idea of co-sleeping with your baby. To some parents, they may roll over the baby in the night while some others feel co-sleeping with their baby will make the baby very dependent on them. But the truth about co-sleeping with your baby benefits both the baby and the parents in a number of ways. Below are some of the benefits that come with co-sleeping with your baby.

Physical Benefits

Co-sleeping with your baby helps her regulate her heart rates and breathing patterns. It can also help stabilize her body temperature. Babies who co-sleep with their parents are known to cry less during night hours. The reason for this is not farfetched-to such babies, they don’t have to cry to be held or fed in the night as their mums are always a whimper away from them. Co-sleeping reduces risks of infant diseases in babies. Crying is known to release adrenaline and cortisol, so the reduced cry intensities in babies who co-sleep with their parents help regulate blood pressure and stress. Researches have shown that more infant deaths occur in babies’ cribs than on adult beds.

Promotes Bonds

Every baby knows the scent of her mum, and sleeps better knowing you are sleeping inches away from her. Dads are not left out in this, as a dad, you can always cuddle next to your baby and help her fall asleep each night. This will increase the bond between you and your baby. There can’t be a better way of starting and ending your day other than sleeping and waking up next to your cute new family.

Co-sleeping promotes Independence

Contrary to general beliefs, co-sleeping promotes independence. Meeting your baby’s needs whenever they arise gives her the confidence that she will always be taken care of. A baby who is often left to cry before getting attention may likely develop feelings of insecurity and abandonment, which is likely to make her clingy and be dependent all through the day.

Better sleep for parents

This one reason many young parents now co-sleep with their babies. Your baby is likely to wake up every 2 or 3 hours in the night, attending to her each time she whines will put her back to sleep allowing you to enjoy your own sleep. Leaving your baby in  crib at night means the baby will cry and get all worked up before attracting your attention, which will make going back to sleep more difficult for you and the baby.

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