Baby Name Inspiration

Name Inspiration

May 22, 2018

Choosing a name for your child is one of the biggest decisions you’ll ever have to make in life not least because it will stick with them for the rest of theirs! So, where to start?

You could choose a family name. This is a beautiful way to honour a loved one or influence in your family, if you don’t quite like their exact name you could even choose a variation of it.

As with most things, there is a fashion to names and many historical favourites roll round time and time again, reflecting culture and even current affairs. In England recently the name George soared back up the charts owing to the birth of the new Royal baby of the same name.

Currently more traditional names are making a comeback. This means floral names for girls: Rose, Violet, Iris etc. Royal names continue to be popular for boys with Harry topping the list again.

Popular places from which to draw inspiration remain largely unchanged- Shakespeare has long been influencing our choices and the Bard even made up some names of his own which we still see in circulation. Ophelia and Regan for girls match Edmund and Anthony for boys.

Biblical names have also maintained popularity with Isaac and Joshua persisting for boys and Hannah and Rebecca for girls. Celebrity names have come to the fore of late Beyonce, Bruno (Mars) or Justin (Beiber) have all been rising.

Whatever name you do choose and for whatever good reason – or for no reason at all other than it sounds nice you will need to consider a few things: How does it sound with your surname? Will it be shortened to something you don’t like?

Given how much you’ve put into making this choice you will be proud to display and share your choice. Personalised baby gifts are the perfect way to do this and can be cherished for life.

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