solids to your little one

Introducing solids to your little one

September 22, 2019


It is imperative that babies take in solids, but many mothers are vary as to when they could introduce them and what they should start with whilst their baby is growing.
Breast milk should be continued at least till the baby reaches age 01 year and from age 06 months solids could be introduced but in very small quantities.

Solids after 06 months to one year

It would be prudent to select the vegetables that you would like your baby to try and then see any reactions after every feed as their bodies could reject some vegetables for reasons unknown.
Hence introducing a selection of vegetables, one or two at a time would be the most advisable and then monitoring the reactions and going on to other vegetables likewise step by step.
This would allow your baby’s body to adjust gradually to the new feed practice especially because he or she has been on breast milk or in special cases on formula milk.
Fruits too could be introduced one or two at a time and it would be pertinent to introduce as many as you can to ensure they have no allergenic reactions which especially does not occur in general in babies for vegetables and fruits.
Hence there should not be much of a worry on what vegetables and fruits you introduce your baby to, but close monitoring in any case would be advisable.
This would give you an idea even for the future, how your baby has been faring with the foods introduced, it would also be a good idea to keep a record of what you have given your baby during the first two years which would help if the baby has any allergenic reaction in later years.

Solids up to two years
After one year babies will recognize the different tastes of food that they have been introduced to and would take in what they like and reject some.
That should not be much of a concern but gradually keep giving those fruits and vegetables that they reject without taking them away from their feeds as they should take some part of it.
Not giving them those foods that they reject would take them permanently away from them and this could even have long term affects where they would always keep away which would not be a very good habit to grow up with.
The other affect could be that when they are mothers they would not give those foods that they rejected to their babies as they themselves don’t like it.
Hence it is imperative that very food item that we eat and are nutritious have to be gradually introduced to our babies or it would have a detrimental chain reaction when they grow up and become parents.
A well planned introduction to solid foods for your baby is very important and as a mother it is your fervent duty to ensure that your baby is provided the best natural foods that are available are cleanly cooked and given to them.

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